This month of December is always extra tumultuous in the trucking business.

The Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays are always a challenge. More freight to move.

Shorter times to do it. Fewer drivers wanting to be away from home.

This year we’ve added a significant new set of regulations that has everyone scrambling to find a way to do everything necessary.

Our answer to this is to do what we’ve always done. FOCUS ON THE CUSTOMER.

As a broker we have 2 primary customers. Those who provide freight. Those who provide trucks.

We have found if we listen to what those two groups need, we will succeed. It is hard

to remember this lesson when things get super hectic, but it is exactly what is needed.

So while many are rac...

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So here we are in Florida sitting by the pool soaking in the beautiful sun rays, booking loads, and moving freight. I have to pinch myself often throughout the day to make sure that it's all real. Just over a month ago we started this venture with Global Transport and we couldn't be more thrilled with the amazing opportunity that we have been given. We are in an age where you can do so much while being mobile. Our phone lines can be transferred to our cell, our email comes into our cell, we have iPads and laptops and the operating system we use is web based. What more could we possibly need?

This trip to Florida was to support our daughter with a shot at the World Title in Allstar Cheer. I can't imagine missing this event in her life and...

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