7 Years with a bullet

Time moves fast. 7 years ago, I was in a band that toured around the country, I was living in a rental, barely making ends meet and just starting a job as a dispatcher at Global Transport. My first day was a little weird because we were moving to our new building so I spent most of my day packing boxes and loading them on trucks. The next day we opened the new office and like any company stretching its legs there were compromises. My first desk wasn’t even a desk, it was an old counter top between 2 filing cabinets. There was only one phone that the operations manager and I shared. All our paperwork was done in excel and all our orders were organized in a 3-ring binder.

7 years later and now I am the Operations Manager for one of Crain’s Cleveland fastest growing companies, I have my own desk, own phone, and an online database that manages pretty much everything. The only thing that remains is the 3-ring binder. Some things you just don’t change.

Working for this company has been more than I could have imagined. What we have built is something really special. We often use the word “vision” when talking about how we got here and how we’re are going to take the next step. 7 years ago, the owner Alex Zaytsev, President Victor Kaiser, and I all had the same vision of what were wanted to build. A company that doesn’t sacrifice the quality of service for the all mighty dollar and where our relationships with our customers are more important than anything else.

Today we have offices in 4 different states, over 60 employees, and in just my office alone we are handling over 4500 loads a year. I am beyond excited about the direction we are headed and looking forward to the next 7 years.

Jack Holmes is the Operations Manager at Global Transport. He has been in the freight industry for over 15 years, covering all aspects of transportation from importing to freight brokerage.

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