Balancing work & family at Global Transport, Inc.

So here we are in Florida sitting by the pool soaking in the beautiful sun rays, booking loads, and moving freight. I have to pinch myself often throughout the day to make sure that it's all real. Just over a month ago we started this venture with Global Transport and we couldn't be more thrilled with the amazing opportunity that we have been given. We are in an age where you can do so much while being mobile. Our phone lines can be transferred to our cell, our email comes into our cell, we have iPads and laptops and the operating system we use is web based. What more could we possibly need?

This trip to Florida was to support our daughter with a shot at the World Title in Allstar Cheer. I can't imagine missing this event in her life and thanks to Global Transport, Inc. we didn't have to. It's crazy to reflect on the last 17 years I have spent in this industry and to realize how much time I missed being there for my children's activities. Thanks to the flexibility that this opportunity has provided us we no longer will have to.

Finding Global and meeting Victor Kaiser has been life changing. He has given us both a vision that only hard work and determination will bring to fruition. The support that the entire company has shown has been awesome. This is the first company we have worked for in a long time where we felt both supported and valued. So many companies forget how much doing the little things matter. Taking a new employee to lunch, giving them company gear, saying good job; these are the little things that have reassured us that we have partnered up with a company that cares about their employees.

We have always wanted to be able to provide an excellent customer and carrier experience without sacrificing our time with our family. Thanks to Global Transport, Inc we firmly believe that we have been set up to do just that and never plan on looking back!

Charity Schaper
Business Development
Global Transport, Inc
National Solutions Office
Cedar Rapids, Iowa


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