Calorie counting on the road


The best way to lose weight isn't by working out or ingesting a bunch of supplements. Losing weight starts with what you eat and HOW much you eat. Calorie counting is a pain in the ass... at first. But over time, it becomes second nature to log your calories.

I'm a competitive person. I love to win at everything. I will turn ANYTHING into a competition. So that's how I started my journey of calorie counting. I set a goal for myself, and if I "won" that day, I did something for myself the next day, like eat some dark chocolate or have some chocolate milk. Honestly, I just liked to see that I had obtained my goal for the day. That was almost enough of a reward for me. But when I would hit a month of hitting my goals every day, then I would say to myself "Now we are going to get a strawberry milkshake with whipped cream, and it will be glorious!"

Calorie counting or food documenting shouldn't be something that you have to do for forever. But if you keep up with it for at least 3 months, you'll be able to better determine your trends, your eating habits, and you'll have so much more knowledge as to what you're putting into your body. I personally like free apps like MyFitnessPal, and I used a FitBit for awhile and logged my food in there, too. Both were great, and both gave me a general idea of how many calories I should be consuming a day to either maintain weight or lose weight. I also logged my workouts, which if you're reading our blogs and taking our advice, you should be doing too; even on the road!

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