Going Green in our Backyard

The owner of Global Transport, Alex Zaytsev, is a big believer in going green in every sense of the term. From our trucks to our yard, he encourages everyone to waste as little as possible and grow as much as possible.

Our headquarters office is surrounded by fruit trees. We have apricots, peaches, limes, and several other fruit varieties. We're growing fruits and vegetables as well as several types of flowers. We're able to walk over bags of fruit to our neighbors in the community and share the abundance of goods with our employees. We compost and recycle.

Why? Because it's the right thing to do. Everyone can make an impact. Your impact is not measured by how big of an impression you make, but how much effort you put forth. As a company, Global Transport wants to ensure that we're doing everything we can to make our planet a little healthier and our community a little happier.


Just a few of Global Transport's trees and garden areas in Cleveland, Ohio.

Global Transport

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