Healthy snacking


Snacking on the road can be difficult because there aren't always healthy options at gas stations and rest stops. Here are a few trips for snacking during a long drive.

  • Pre-pack your snacks for the week. Cut up some fruits and veggies that you like and put them in baggies. Then you can just grab and go.

  • Buy in bulk and pack in portions. Almonds are a great snack, and they're much cheaper when you buy bigger containers of them or if you can buy them at a bulk foods store. Pita chips are also a great option.

  • You can either buy small, pre-made packages of hummus to dip your snacks in, or you can make it yourself. Hummus is extremely easy to make and you can add your own flavor to it. I personally like it spicy, but everyone has their own preferences. Here's a 5 minute hummus recipe:

  • sharp cheddar cheese cubes

  • hard boiled eggs

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