Not all Truckers are Lonely and Miserable

I recently saw an article that depicted how lonely and miserable truck drivers are. It pointed out that they're underpaid and overworked. It was truly sad, and it made me cringe. I sit in an office all day and I write about truckers and driving. I imagined myself in the shoes of those drivers. Then I realized something...

I see these drivers every week. None of them are miserable. Almost all of them are home at least once during the week, if not twice AND they're almost always home on the weekends. Our drivers aren't lonely and miserable. They're mostly guys who enjoy driving and have some really great stories to tell. One of our drivers is a single dad who's raising two kids. He likes this job because he can determine when he's home and when he's not. Another driver is reaching his fitness goals and is already down 30+ lbs. We have drivers that live in Cleveland for half a year and live in another COUNTRY the other half. Our turnover is exceptionally low. Most of our drivers have been with us for years.


Sonya Express Inc., Global Transport Inc's sister company

Part of the reason our turnover is so low is because our dispatchers know how to schedule pick-ups and drop-offs. They know how to get back hauls so our drivers are making money the entire time they're on the road. Our dispatchers are making sure they're in constant contact with our customers and our drivers. When mistakes are made, our dispatchers don't pawn off the responsibility of owning up to it on our drivers; they call our customers and say "I made the mistake. How can I fix it?" We have an incredible Operations Manager who oversees what's going on at all times and we have a very hands-on staff. Our Safety department always ensures that our drivers and our shop are checking the trucks and trailers and verifying that they're meeting all DOT requirements. The owner of our company knows the importance of having newer trucks and trailers. He understands that corners can't be cut when it comes to complying with federal regulations.

Can trucking be a lonely and miserable job? Sure. But can it be fun and exciting? Absolutely. It's up to you to find a company that shares your morals and values. There are companies out there that won't overwork you. There are companies out there that know how important your quality of life is.


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