Staying Fit at Work

At Global Transport, Inc., we're huge advocates of living a healthy life. Our safety director doubles as a driver a couple days a week and maps out his days by including a run during his break or finding out where the nearest Planet Fitness is ($11 a month gets you a national membership AND you can shower for free there) and figuring out where he can park his truck; he plans this all before he starts driving.

Every hour on the hour, our billing department gets up and moves for 5 minutes. Usually it's a combination of planking for a minute and 30 seconds, wall squats, leg lifts, yoga stretches, and twisting on their Simply Fit Boards.

I personally have to do physical therapy exercises for a shoulder injury (not work related), so when our billing department gets up, I'm right there with them and doing my shoulder workouts. I even brought my dumbbells in!

We have a pull-up cage and a punching bag on our dock that our drivers use regularly.

The owner of Global Transport planted fruit trees, so there are always healthy snacks around (and if there aren't any inside, we can walk outside our front doors and pick a peach, apples, or an apricot).

The president of our company, Victor Kaiser, found out that if you walk to the end of our street and back, it's a mile walk. So if he's not at his desk, we can usually find him taking a quick walk.

Staying active also has been proven to keep you more attentive and alert. You're less likely to be bored when you're doing your job when you break up your day with a few minutes of activity throughout the day.

There are definitely days when we're super busy and it would be easy to use that as an excuse to sit at our desks all day. The key is to making the time for yourself, because it's not only benefiting you; it's benefiting your quality of work.

Tiffany Zupka
Sales and Marketing Coordinator
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