The REAL Danger on our Roads

Seemingly every day a headline blares that a SEMI-TRUCK was involved in an accident. Sometimes major injuries or worse. It's truly tragic.

While most of those headlines sensationally suggest the opposite, studies of these accidents show the fault most often lies with the CAR.

The Real Danger? Inattentive or aggressive drivers of CARS.

Public campaigns are waged to warn drivers to keep a look out for bicyclists, pedestrians, and motorcycles. Even geese and deer earn our attention.


A semi-truck at 80,000 lbs whose stopping distance is measured in football fields? They get cut off, brake checked, and harassed.

The Real Danger? An uneducated and uncaring public driving CARS.

Heading to work today, a car was broke down and abandoned on the freeway. Muffler had fallen off. Side view mirror hanging by duct tape. Rear window covered with a black garbage bag. How on earth is it legal to drive that vehicle on any road?

Our trucks can be shut down for 10 hours for having a flat tire (about $500 each to replace on the road) or even having a single light bulb out.


The Real Danger? Misdirected “safety” efforts that don’t also target CARS.

Listen, I LOVE my car, but I drive it attentively. I respect the room a semi-truck needs to operate (and bikes and ducks too.) I always keep it in good working condition.

Let’s work together to identify and fix the real danger. We would love to hear your view and your ideas.

Written by:
Victor Kaiser, President and Co-Founder of Global Transport, Inc.


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