You (yes, you) Can Stop Human Trafficking

According to the Department of State's statistics from 2000, there were approximately 244,000 American children and youth that were at risk for sex trafficking That number has increased steadily, and it's estimated that the number of youth that could be exploited for human trafficking has increased to as many as 325,000 a year now. The common age for children who are the victims of sex trafficking is 14-16. Trafficking is a $32 billion business and it needs to be stopped.

Human trafficking occurs consistently in high-population areas such as truck stops. Truckers are in a unique position to watch for signs of trafficking because truckers are so often in these high population/ high volume areas.

If you think you may have witnessed a child who could be involved in human trafficking, please call 1(888)-373-7888 or text 233733 (Text "HELP' or "INFO"). This number is for the National Human Trafficking Resource Center.

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